DCS logistics specialization includes extensive experience with liquid, gas and dry bulk terminal facilities. The staff and associates of DCS have international experience with both private and public terminal operations. DCS works with both terminal operators and terminal customers. The scope of past work experience includes the following:

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DCS provided an extensive network study for a dry bulk product exporter to Asia

DCS provided the initial analysis of terminal concept options for a major Latin American petrochemical complex requiring export facilities for bulk liquids, liquefied gases, dry bulk, and containerized cargoes

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DCS performed a risk analysis of a major petrochemical company's private bulk liquid terminal facility

A U.S. refiner sought DCS assistance to constrain a high demurrage problem while avoiding major terminal investments

A DCS project employed advanced computer modeling techniques to study contemplated changes to a company's integrated docks and storage and pipeline system connected to 3 independent refineries

A joint venture between DCS and Dowden Enterprises published the Waterborne Terminals Register (WTR) and WTR Contact Database