DCS develops its own dynamic simulation models and other computer programs for work in planning and optimizing distribution, transportation and storage systems. The company has also provided state-of-the-art, user-friendly programs to solve operational problems for some of the world's largest oil and chemical companies.

DCS Operations Research Consultant, Dr. Edward Pearsall, Ph.D. Princeton University, heads up this work and is a leading specialist in the field. His career experience in transportation system analysis is invaluable for quickly producing customized programs that appropriately address the relevant issues. His work is particularly effective in combination with DCS' first-hand experience in distribution, shipping and terminal operations.

Models may be required to study changes in operations or configuration of existing terminals and also for new facilities in various stages planning and construction. DCS has found that terminals and the requirements of clients in this field are sufficiently distinct to make it impractical to use an all purpose worksheet. The simulations instead are specifically designed for each situation but nevertheless evolve from common well proven design concepts and methodology. Examples include:

Other examples of logistics assignments undertaken by Dr. Pearsall include models for the Institute of Defense Analysis, the US Postal Rate Commission and studies of water, truck, rail and pipeline systems for various State and Federal agencies. If you require more information on dynamic simulation models and other computerized analytical programs of this type, do not hesitate to get in touch with DCS.